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Although porcelain tiles are easy to clean on your own, to make this possible, you need all the right tools and solutions without missing one. From cleaning stains to mould patches from the porcelain tiles and grout, we do allergen removal with the implementation of advanced technology. If there are any hairy residues over the surface or streaks on them, our porcelain cleaning Hobart team cleans them as well. 

During the cleaning method as well, our Tims tile cleaning Hobart professionals make sure to cause zero damage to porcelain tiles. This is maybe for tiles on the flooring of bathrooms and kitchens or walls of lounge or dining areas. Moreover, we implement those cleaning techniques that can improve the resistivity against water, wear and scratches. So, feel rest assured to call on 03 6351 9890 and book us today. 

What Do Your Porcelain Tiles Gain From Professional Cleaning? 

  1. Resistance To Scratches: Your porcelain tiles show resistance against scratches when a professional executes the right cleaning method for them. This is because the scratch-free cleaning method involves the utilisation of dense clay and other materials. 
  2. Wear Resistance: With only minimal work from experts’ help, your porcelain tiles develop wear resistance. Moreover, this wear resistance will in turn make your flooring and walls look elegant, shiny and clean in no time. 
  3. Surface Becomes Smooth: More you keep looking for professional porcelain cleaning Hobart service, the smoother those surfaces become. In addition to the smoothens, you can find that porcelain surfaces also show more durability. 
  4. Gains Water Resistance: One of the best reasons why people choose porcelain tiles are their water resistance and you can keep them that way. And this is possible only when you keep regularly cleaning your porcelain tile surfaces with professional aid.
  5. Damage-Free Flooring & Walls: With the perfect-timing porcelain tile cleaning service, you can quickly notice your floors and walls have no previous damage. These damages may be from microbes, stains, allergens, mould from many more. 

Our Porcelain Cleaning Procedure In Hobart Properties

  • After a quick but thorough inspection, we proceed to pre-vacuum the complete area so as to extract dust and particles. During this step, we make sure that we are vacuuming the grout lines as well
  • With taking help of degreasing cleaning agents, we do pre-treatment for porcelain tiles as this is an alkali-based measure
  • Let this degreasing agent sit for nearly 20 minutes in order to lose enough of all the grime and contents present in porcelain
  • Properly using a brush, we agitate both tiles and grout in a circular and zig-zag motion
  • For deeper soil extraction from the grout in porcelain tiles, we use high-pressure rinsing
  • If we find stains and mould on your porcelain surface, we do the restorative treatment as it involves the use of soaps and detergents
  • Dry the complete area for outstanding results as outcomes. 

Here Are The Reasons That Claim Our Credibility In The Industry 

  • Pocket-Saving Charges: No way are you going to book others when you find our service charges pocket-saving. In fact, we take no additional or hidden charges such as travelling expenses, product prices, etc. 
  • Monday To Sunday Bookings: You are always welcome to contact us for bookings as we accept Monday to Sunday bookings, despite the day. And it goes without saying that, we take slot bookings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 12 months a year. 
  • Offer Emergency Service: Despite the last-minute booking you make with us for porcelain cleaning Hobart service, we offer immediate emergency service. This offer is available for same-day or next-day service as well if you contact us right away. 
  • Non-Toxic Cleaning Agents: While keeping your health and your loved ones’ health in our mind, at any cost, we utilise only non-toxic cleaning agents. In fact, you will be surprised to know that our cleaning agents are safe for pets like dogs, cats and birds too. 
  • Experts Are Local: All those experts we recruited to clean porcelain tiles are locals in Hobart and its surroundings. Moreover, all of our experts are well-known for their friendly and respective approaches.